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Benj Arriola

Over the years, based on profession, I have called myself with various titles. But what most people know me for is either as a chemist, a teacher, a web designer or web developer. Well all I'll say is I graduated from that and I prefer to be in the Search Marketing Industry playing around in the SEO/SEM field as a Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Consultant. Although some people may consider my an SEO Expert or SEM Expert, I believe I still have a lot to learn with Internet marketing as a whole. And in the future I plan to concentrate more on email marketing and social media optimization to develop a well rounded Internet marketing expertise.

I had a personal website since 1997 and has been designing websites since then and when this industry started to be part of my life, I just got so busy with project websites that I can barely fix my own.

But I guess as part of reputation management, I need to have a decent looking website. To market websites online, people may ask how I market myself online. To design and develop websites, people may ask how does my site look like and work.

Although there is nothing much to see here, you can check out my other websites.

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